Memories from Vistdal


Sunday morning. Woke up early, tossed and turned and decided to get up. Have been sitting at the computer and visiting vistdal.com. Now, I have been to Maasvasbu, I walked up the whole way.

I remember my last trip up there, in 1946, with Tante Magna, Bestefar (balliapappa) and Fenny. Magna and I took turns sitting on Fenny and when we walked, we kicked lemenne, they squeeled terribly. We wore beksamma that Anton Baatolsen had made us, from tanned leather. We were going to Maasvasbu to check for leaks in the roof. Bestefar had repair to do. Beste had sent food with us.

I remember going to bed upstairs, we each had a bed and it rained during the night and dripped on my stomach. I woke up wet and cold. So, I crawled in bed with Bestefar. When we woke up in the morning, Bestefar had me look out the window to see if Fenny was there and she was, grazing below.

I really enjoy looking at vistdal.com and reading of the happenings there. I appreciate all of you, that write your stories and send your pictures. Thank you so much.

I was 10 years old, when we came to America, but always a big part of me was left in Vistdalen. You could say, I had a foot in each country. When I went to bed, I dreamed I was there.

I have especially enjoyed the trip on the hanglider, coming down the whole valley. What beautiful scenery.

Thank you, to all of you for contributing to this website.


Alfa Peggy Gildnes Jackson